Levels in The Chubbuck Technique with Coach Jonna Johnson

Intro of the Tools : Must be completed before ANY other Coaching is offered by Coach Jonna Johnson (i.e. Tapings, Audition Prep Privates or Skype)

Advanced Studies : 12 months of Study before eligible for The Masters Audition (Any type of Chubbuck studies count toward this; Chubbuck Heights, Chubbuck Views, Weekly Class studies, etc.)

ADULTS ONLY: The Masters: Upon passing The Masters Audition, you are eligible for The Masters and travel options to Los Angeles for Masters Class with Ivana Chubbuck. This is your entry into meeting and training with Ivana Chubbuck for 2 weeks in group planned trip in Hollywood!

Rules of Payment Plan Approval

If you are approved for a payment plan option, your seat in class is reserved immediately. Payments must be PAID same day when invoice sent. If payment is NOT made, you seat is available for others to Confirm with Full Payment of Class, you will receive a Credit on your account for Future Classes/Workshops. NO REFUNDS! This is the agreement requirments!

Booking Out in a reserved class session

You will be given credit for missed studies toward future classes in a $ amount on your account. Your scene partner will be prepared with a monologue. YOU MUST SHOW PROOF OF BOOKING TO RECIEVE CREDIT!!


With 2 weeks notice of ANY class cancel you will receive a FULL REFUND! Within the 2 weeks of class starting you will receive Credit for future studies in form of $ amount on account books.

Skype Rescheduling/No Show Policy

If Booked and need to reschedule, must let coach know within 24 hours! Failure to do so result as follows : 1 - No Show/Miss/Forgot (rescheduled with no penalty) 2- Now Show/Miss (Reschedule with penalty of notation) 3- No Show/Miss (No Reschedule offered/Lose Study)

From that point it’s a matter of Respect for Coach Jonna’s time and commitment. You may choose to not continue training or Pay additionally for the studies, missed. Coach is in HIGH DEMAND so when you miss, she misses out double and another student on the waitlist is missing out. Not allowed and Coach has FULL Authority to cancel studies for non commitment at any point and refund half of the remaining credit balance for reserved Skype Studies.

Booked Talent must STILL Inform Coach you are not able to meet via appointed Skype study with proof of booking sent to Coach!