Private session

Customized training for your next Speech, Presentation, Interview or Hosting event! Learn 1st hand from an Active Coach in the field of Entertainment, whether it's Hosting, Speaking or Interviewing on a Red Carpet, Coach Jonna Johnson has the experience along with Certification by Clayton State University in: The Power of Presence! 

$85/Per Hr

(In Person or Online) 



Group Training Option


3 hour training 

Up to 15 per class ($185/Per person)


Lecture, Discussion, Exercises, Mock Presentations,

Evaluations via Tapings & Playback 

Private Individual assessments based on the ability to demonstrate 

effective communication skills by applying technique instructed by Coach.


Keep Calm.... its Your State of Mind

Coming Soon!

*Captivate the Audience

*Relax & Breath... they are here to listen.

*Focus on the 'Take Home'

*Have the Passion to make a difference!

*Say What You Mean.... Mean What You Say

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